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Can an A-Rate Boiler save you money this Winter?

Undoubtedly, we are all feeling the pinch with rising costs of living, so how can an A-Rate Boiler save you money this Winter? With Autumn officially here, we have not just cooler weather ahead, but, unfortunately, rapidly rising energy costs too. As a result, many homeowners are creating innovative ways to cut back on their spending. Moving forward the Irish population expects an increase in the price of gas and electricity. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to consider the role your boiler plays in the price of your bills. In fact, one of the most efficient ways to save money in Dublin properties can come from an A-Rated Boiler. 

What is an A-Rated Boiler?

Bosch A-Rated Boiler

Age of the boiler - why you need an A-Rated boiler

Before we delve into describing an A-Rated Boiler we must first understand how boiler energy ratings work. The efficiency of your boiler tends to be largely influenced by the type of boiler you have and its age. Naturally, any appliance will deteriorate with age however, boilers in particular experience a dramatic decrease in efficiency over time. The plumbing industry characterises the efficiency of boilers using an alphabet system. Hence, ‘A’-rated boilers tend to perform at roughly 90 per cent efficiency. Compared to its older counterparts such as a ‘G’-rated boiler that operates at roughly 60 per cent efficiency. Typically, the lifespan of a gas boiler is usually between 10 and 20 years, depending on its quality, usage, and level of maintenance.

Model of the boiler - why you need an A-Rated boiler

Although the age of the boiler is a significant contributor to its efficiency – the type or model of the boiler should not be overlooked. For instance, consider a model that offers no means of condensing – this boiler would require more energy and therefore, more costs. Here at KoplexPlumbing.ie we only use the best brands to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings. For example, we use Bosch boilers. These types of boilers are proven to be efficient and effective which saves you money in the long term.  Additionally, A-rated boilers require fewer maintenance and repairs while offering thermostatic controls. Collectively the durability, innovative controls and overall efficiency allow A-Rated boilers a no-brainer.

Worcester A-Rated Boiler

When to know if you need to change your boiler?

1. Your radiators are taking longer to heat up

Granted there is a range of reasons why your radiators are not heating correctly. However, one of the most popular causes is related to the efficiency of the boiler itself. At KoplexPlumbing.ie we repair or replace broken boilers. See our services here!

2. Your boiler has a yellow flame, instead of blue (indicating the presence of carbon monoxide)

Usually, a boiler will have a blue flame however, if a yellow flame appears this suggests that the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is high. This can lead to serious implications for the residents of the property.

3. Your fuel usage is rising

Higher than normal fuel usage may indicate a number of unfavourable boiler conditions such as unnecessarily high pressure. Other conditions may simply be related to the condition and age of the boiler. It is recommended that if your boiler is using more fuel than usual then you should consider replacing the boiler. With the increasing costs of living, the demand for replacing boilers is higher than ever.

4. Your boiler requires regular repairs

Have you noticed that your boiler requires more repairs than normal? This is a sign that your boiler’s efficiency is declining rapidly. The boiler may continue to work but at a suboptimal level. It is likely that the continuous repairs and limited efficiency of your boiler will cause more costs in the long term.

5. Your boiler is leaking

More often than not, the most obvious sign that your boiler needs replacement or repair is the visual appearance of water surrounding the boiler. This is an indication that the infrastructure of the boiler is faulty or deteriorated. Potential risks of floods, internal damage and/or electrical failure may occur in these situations.

Our boiler repair and replacement team can save you money this Winter

Following our discussion about boiler efficiency and failure – if you require repair or replacement work on your boiler in Dublin you should ALWAYS contact an RGI-approved boiler technician. Our team at KoplexPlumbing.ie offer a trusted service using the highest quality materials, contact us today to discuss your options. 

If you have any questions about A-Rated Boilers or would like to learn more about our services please get in touch!

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